Our Team

The family-oriented team at RATES bring over 80 years of combined water system experience to guarantee you and your team and systems the best care and information in the Midwest. 


Lee A. michalsky

Director/Quality Assurance Manager (QAM)/Project Manager (PM)/Rural Environmental Development Specialist (REDS)

Mr. Michalsky is recognized on state, regional and national levels for water, wastewater, sanitary survey, and asset management training courses and holds a State of Montana 1B Water Treatment, 3D-OT Waste water treatment and 1A Water Distribution certificate.


Dave SChultz, PE


Mr. Schultz currently works with RATES performing capacity development assessments and follow-up assistance with tribal systems, in addition to managing administration and operational duties of RATES. Additionally his duties include oversight of the construction of pump stations and other system modifications.


eric johnson

Technical Assistance Provider

Mr. Johnson brings 10 years of experience serving as an Assistant Public Works Director and Public Works Director for the town of Whitehall, Montana. He is a full-time employee providing training and technical assistance to small community water systems. He also provides operation and maintenance assistance to small tribal water systems under RATES circuit rider contract.

Jeff.Wilson Cropped.jpg

jeff wilson

Engineer/Quality Assurance Assistant Manager/REDS

Jeff provides technical assistance to small public water systems, tribal water systems, and provide training as assigned. He also has extensive knowledge and experience in developing personnel policies, financial budgeting for operations and capital improvements, invoicing and collections, accounting procedures as well as employee training.


jason michalsky

Rural Environmental Development Specialist (REDS)

Mr. Michalsky brings five years of experience working with utility boards to establish or revise by-laws, policies and procedures,writing resolutions/ordinances, meeting with tribal councils to review grants, quarterly financial reports, updates on construction timelines, and agreements between utility commissions and tribal councils.


sarah robbin

Financial and Managerial Assistance Provider

Sarah helps to coordinate with funding agencies-both State and Federal. She holds a 4A/4B operator certification within the State of MT and has working experience with ground water systems and wastewater systems. Mrs. Robbin brings 5 years of experience working with utility boards, system operators, and the public to create policies and procedures, budgets, rate studies.