You can think of this website as your one-stop shop for all groundwater and system maintenance needs and information. 

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of sites on the Web with good information, but what you'll find on the RATES site is what we've handpicked as the most useful and relevant for rural and tribal needs in the Central to Midwest regions of the United States. 



We've divided the site into two sections: Educational Materials and Compliance Resources. Educational Materials includes the basics of groundwater and water systems, financial and managerial resources, technical information and training courses. 

Compliance Resources delves into information on how to comply with specific water-monitoring programs, specifically the MT Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). There are also further technical, financial and managerial resources related to compliance with state law.

What We Can help you accomplish

  • Technical assistance, system mapping, and leak detection
  • Drought assessments and sampling assistance
  • On-site educational assistance and training
  • Technical assistance visits to your water system
  • DEQ and EPA compliance
  • Set up all phases of the start-up, operation and maintenance of newly constructed or renovated water treatment plants
  • Empower yourself to be a knowledgeable and effective water systems overseer
  • And so much more!