The Basics

Non-Operator's Guide to Drinking Water Systems

RCAP's "A Drop of Knowledge" is a PDF document that covers basic water systems questions such as "What are water systems?," "How does source water become drinking water?, and "How does drinking water get into my home?"

Indigo Water Group

Indigo Water Group is a self-certified female-owned Small Business Enterprise based in Littleton, Colorado focusing on services in key areas including utility planning, biological process and collection system modeling, regulatory assistance, comprehensive performance evaluations, process assistance and plant optimization, and operator training.

Tech Brief Fact Sheets

56 four-page fact sheets from On Tap magazine providing concise, technical information about drinking water treatment technology and issue relevant to small systems. Topics include: Treatment technology, disinfection, filtration, corrosion control, ion exchange/demineralization, organic removal, lime softening, ozone, leak detection, and many more.


American Water Works Association eLearning Courses

Free self-paced eLearning courses designed specifically for small public water systems: Financial Sustainability for Small Systems and Maintaining and Achieving RTCR Compliance for Small Systems.

UNC Environ. Finance Center's "Drinking Water & Wastewater"

Your one stop source for all finanacial and managerial aspects of water systems. Delivery models, business models, management tips, rate and fee structures, capital planning resouces, decision making tools, and more. 

EFCN's "Board Member Responsibilities for Managing a Water Utility"

A "How-To" blog from Leslie Kimble: Policies and procedures, customer service goals & communication strategies, short-term & long-term planning initiatives. Plus extended list of resources. 

MSU Local Government Center

MSU Extension: Local Government Center is a comprehensive Montana resourse for training, technical assistance, research, and news.


Suggested YouTube Videos

Main Water Repair videos, Coagulation and Flocculation, Chloronation, a Ted Talk, Talking Leaks, AWWA Consumer Q&A. Let us know if you have other suggestions!

EFCN's "Essentials for Water Professionals"

AWWA provides manuals, standards, other guidance material, and several other online avenues to access water knowledge. Site hosts sections dedicated to water knowledge, utility management, a Career Center, their technical and educational program, the Buried No Longer economic forecasting tool, partnerships, and total water solutions.

Water University

Take Water University's Utility Management Certification (UMC) to be recognized for your effort to deliver clean water, ensure public health and protect the environment. Certification, renewal, and registry all available here.

Further Information


WaterWorld is an online news site hossting articles and videos about all recent and relevant stories related to water systems. From drinking water to wastewater and environmental to industrial, there's something for everyone.

Water Industry - Statistics & Facts

Up-to-date statistics and facts about the water industry worldwide.

WHO Drinking-water General Information

The World Health Organization's drinking water resouce. Find fact sheets, tech information, publications, statistics, and related topics (arsenic, cholera, diarrhoea, emergencies).

Treatment Plant Operator Online Magazine

Topics presented by TPO Magazine include: Treatment, instrumentation, headworks, dewatering, disinfection, odor control, pumps, distribution, and tanks.

Water and Wastes Digest Online Magazine

W & WD publishes the annual "State of the Industry" report once a year. Access the report and several other relevant water articles here.

Training Courses

RATES offers a multitude of training courses to teach you and your team about the essentials and details of water systems. Our in-person training provides a personal and hands-on approach to learning. Courses are completed in-person for a small fee. Click here for more information on any of our outstanding courses. 

Course one: Basic Operator Training

Course two: Chlorination and Fluoridation

Course Three: Pumps

Course Four: Surface Water for Small Systems

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